Here’s a heart-warming and seasonal story about Melissa and David’s wedding just before Christmas. They booked me just a couple of weeks before the big day, explaining that they had brought their wedding  forward because they were expecting their first baby in January. Apparently they had been waiting a long time for this event so it was extra special but they wanted to enjoy their wedding first then devote all their attention to the new baby. Here are brief highlights to give you a flavour of their day.

I arrived at their house to film bridal preparations. I did notice a cot in the bedroom but ignored it presuming it to be empty. Meanwhile Missy was busying herself with make-up while I filmed. Then after a few minutes I heard a little cry. I was stunned to find out that in the cot was a very small but perfect Fletcher, and he was only five days old! Apparently the birth had to be brought forward leaving Missy obviously very happy at the safe arrival but very sore with stitches. With everything going on it’s not surprising that she forgot to tell me.

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It was a beautiful and sunny day but freezing cold when I caught up with groom David at St.Mary’s Church in the centre of Hemel Hempstead. Brimming with emotion, David tried to explain to me what it was like to have the two most important events in your life come at the same time. As I listened I even had to fight back the tears myself.

The day went perfectly with plenty of volunteers wanting to hold Fletcher including of course proud parents and grandparents. Missy did really well considering how sore she must have felt and she even stood through a long but entertaining photo session outside the church. Family friend and pro photographer Mac McBride (real name) put everyone at ease with his jokes and patter and he was a pleasure to work with.

Hot chocolate and mince pies were handed out to keep us all warm but with frostbite nipping our fingers Mac and I filmed them leaving Hemel in a stretch limo on their way to The Cricketer’s pub in Redbourn where they were joined by just close friends and family for a reception and speeches. As usual I’m pleased to say that Missy & David sent me a big thank you for a “fantastic video” saying that they “absolutely LOVED IT!”


2 thoughts on “Melissa & David’s Wedding with an Extra Guest!

  1. Missi says:

    Thank you so so much Barry – This is wonderful:) We have highly recommended you to all of our friends and really hope that you get some more work from this as it is truly deserved.
    Missi and David xx

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