Each wedding is different and the price will depend on your requirements. I'll need to know your venue(s) and the wedding date as most summer Saturdays are booked at least a year in advance. Also it's only fair to let me know up front if it's going to be a big or unusual wedding e.g. loads of guests, special or multiple ceremonies etc. If you're not sure what you want just call or email me for advice.

A reduced edit, budget option is available for out of season, midweek (Mon-Thurs) and late booking weddings, ask for details.

"Now we've seen it we can't believe we nearly didn't have one. We would pay double and still be delighted" said Nick & Katy Ingham.

What's Included?
The price will include the first full length, fully edited documentary style film including the popular BW highlights montage on DVD. You can review it and advise me of bugs or amendments if any. The presentation case and face of each DVD are printed with images from your wedding. The DVD will have a menu system so you can navigate to different scenes e.g. "Signing the Register", "Speeches", "Highlights" etc. When you are entirely happy, 'over the moon', amazed and totally in love with your wedding film you can order more DVDs, Blu-ray or digital versions, online highlights, special versions etc.

Guest Interviews
I know that dreaded feeling you have as a guest at a wedding where the video guy with his furry microphone is working his way through all the guests towards you and you haven't got a clue what to say. So if you really want interviews my suggestion is to appoint the best man or someone lively to hold the microphone and ask the questions. Guests are then at least a bit more at ease.

Video Diary Room
The best way to get those guest reactions is to have a VIDEO DIARY ROOM. We need a separate room where guests are left on their own to leave their messages. I have an assistant for this and open the room for messages after the meal for a few hours. I edit it Big Brother style - it never fails to be hilarious.

Growing Up Photos
Start the film in a light hearted way with photos of you two growing up, up to a dozen of each and one of you together is ideal.

Editing Service
I can turn amateur wedding or holiday videos into something special (extra charge for miracles though). Also presentation showreels for actors or pop stars, in fact anything on video. It can be simple cuts or complex audio/visual mixing to single frame accuracy on my non-linear computer system. Most formats can be handled. The charge for editing is £30.00/hr, if you can give me details of your project I can give you an idea how long it will take.