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Compliments and nice thank-you letters help make my job a real pleasure. When people cry over my videos I like to think it isn't because they're bad. So please meet the couples and read just a few extracts from the very thick file I have. You are welcome to inspect it at any time for signs of forgery!

"Thank you so so much for the video - it's better than we could've imagined! We really love it and also loved the short highlights at the end. Absolutely perfect!"
sarah & oliver
Sarah & Oliver
Hampden House
September 2016
"..we have got to say it's incredible! We love it! It's captured everyone we want, the music is excellently chosen and we felt like we were there again but looking on. It's captured and edited so well and it made us laugh a lot too!"
natalie & matthew
Natalie & Matthew
Danesfield House
August 2016
"You were a true professional. We are so pleased with our video and will treasure it forever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts"
Amy & Jimmy
Amy & Jimmy
Sir Christopher Wren Hotel
May 2016

"...amazing wedding video...captured the day perfectly...I'm still scratching my head how you got all those shots. It is lovely to have such perfect moments of our day captured.- a very big 5 stars!"

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Hollie & Colin
Hollie & Colin
Chartridge Lodge
May 2016
"It is absolutely fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed watching it. You have created an amazing piece of work and captured wonderful memories for us." 
Neluka & Matt
Neluka & Matt
Missenden Abbey
December 2015
"Loved it, and thank you for being so fantastic – and unobtrusive! It exceeded all expectations and even the very reluctant (to have a video!) groom was delighted with the results. It's a great memory of a fabulous day."
Nikki & Ian
Nikki & Ian
Loseley Park
December 2015
"Thank you so much for the DVD. We both think that it is absolutely amazing! You have really captured the essence of the day and we can't wait to show our families.
Julia & Richard
Julia & Richard
September 2015
"Barry was absolutely fantastic on our wedding day. He was punctual, ...dresses smartly and we barely noticed he was there. He was easy to work with and happy to listen to our suggestions of what to focus on. If you want high quality service and to leave filming of your special day in safe hands then book with Barry."

Charlotte & John
Charlotte & John
The Elvetham Hotel
August 2015

"The wedding video Barry produced was absolutely sensational. I didn't shed a single tear on my wedding day, but I cried like a baby watching the video! I couldn't believe it was one man and his cameras, you would honestly think it was a complete film crew. Barry is worth every penny and we will definitely be using him for special occasions in the future."
Leanne & David
Leanne & David
Compleat Angler, Marlow
August 2015
"A huge thank you Barry for our fantastic Wedding Video. We absolutely LOVE it!"
Sophie & Matthew
Sophie & Matthew
Marlow/Tudor Barn
June 2015
":-0 OMG I love the video so much.
Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)"
Hayley & Nicholas
Hayley & Nicholas
Castle Hotel, Windsor
May 2015
"Thank you for producing such high quality, beautiful videography. It simply took my breath away. You have an exceptional talent Barry."

Marie & Owen
Marie & Owen
Compleat Angler, Marlow
August 2014

"It's better than we could have ever dreamed of! It's absolutely perfect and we are thrilled with the result. Every penny was worth it as we now have a memento of our day that we can watch for years to come that totally captured the love and fun of our day. Thank you Barry!"

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Rachel & Craig
Rachel & Craig
Great Fosters
April 2014
"We are extremely pleased with it. You have done a fantastic job."
Claire & Steve
Claire & Steve
Wentworth Club
May 2014
"We both love the video. Having you as our videographer was the best decision of the day."
Katie & Jack
Katie & Steve
Taplow House
March 2014
"Our wedding dvd arrived in time for mum and dad to watch it with us...and it's fantastic! We love it and especially love the highlights clip as it captures so many of the special moments from our day. On Friday night we sat down to watch it with those in Australia who were unable to attend. They just loved seeing it. Thanks so much."
Lucy & RyanLucy & Ryan
Bix Manor
January 2014

"Love it, it's brilliant. Really had us laughing lots, especially the video diary and everyone loves it. We hardly saw you on the day!"

Leigh & AlanLeigh & Alan
Buxted Park
July 2013
"It's fantastic, thanks so much."
Vicky & DavidVicky & David
Wasing Park
June 2013
"Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding video. You did an amazing job. The day went so quickly and we are so grateful to have this to look at forever."
Philippa & PhilPhilipppa & Phil
Bearwood College
June 2013

"Mum was right, we absolutely love it and are so glad we have it now."

Mum says:-
"We treated ourselves to a Blu-ray player just to watch it. It's wonderful quality and we love it."

Elizabeth & EricElizabeth & Eric
Phyllis Court
April 2013

"We have been hosting champagne viewings for our friends and family. It's such an amazing film, we watch it regularly and cannot thank you enough for telling our wedding day story so beautifully."
Tamar & DanTamar & Dan
Old Luxter's Barn
April 2013

"First and foremost, we LOVE the video! You are a genius! Thank you for creating this beautiful film."
Nikki & edward
Nikki & Edward
Harte & Garter, Windsor
Sept. 2012
On their first anniversary:
"It captures the day in a perfectly magical way and brings a tear to my eye every time we watch it! So personal, it's the best memorabilia of our special day that we have. We had no idea it would be so special."
Emma & Peter
Emma & Peter
Shiplake College
"We are over the moon with our DVD. It's so professional, it's just like being in a movie. I cried loads as I watched's just like reliving the day."

Jemma & Mike
Jemma & Mike
Ardington House
August 2012

"Thank you for our lovely's so nice to see all the bits we missed...we relished every moment all over again....I watch it every day and cry every did a marvellous job and we will cherish the DVD forever."

Soraya & Jon
Soraya & Jon
August 2012

"Dear Barry Spielberg, the video is truly fantastic, better than we ever could imagine. We are so happy with the quality, music, super editing, great angles and so many perspectives it feels like you had an army of cameras yet we hardly noticed you on the day."
Zippy & Henry
Zipporah & Henry
Beaumont House
May 2012
"Thank you so much for our wonderful DVD. I cried when I watched it. It has captured the feel of the day perfectly and we are so happy with it."

Jasmin & John
Jasmin & John
Danesfield House, Marlow
March 2012


*It's official, you are a genius! We just returned from honeymoon to the most fantastic DVD, we really are thrilled with the results.

Despite this being my own wedding (I’m not being biased here!) it is undoubtedly the best wedding DVD I've ever seen. There is not a single dull moment, the quality is spectacular, you captured all the right moments and the music blends perfectly. We would not hesitate to recommend you."


Lena & Thomas
Lena & Thomas
Beaumont House, Windsor Nov.2011


"The video is amazing. It was such a treat to see so much I missed and to see it from your perspective as well. I have shed many a happy tear at how you captured the event and I couldn’t imagine not having it now. I’m so thankful we have the ‘story’ of the day that the pictures can’t tell.

Before the wedding Ali used to tease me that I wouldn't be allowed to ‘subject’ everyone to it once we were married but is now famous amongst our friends for trying to get them to watch it when they come around ours for dinner. You’ve certainly created an unexpected wedding DVD convert in him."

Therese & Alastair
Therese & Alastair
"A huge thank you for making our wedding day so special. The DVD will be watched and treasured for many, many years to come. What an absolutely fantastic way to capture and remember the day."

Whitney & Andrew
Blenheim Palace
Sept. 2011
"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and giving us memories for a lifetime."

Keryn & Andy
Keryn & Andy
Hedsor House
July 2011

Comment when ordering a Blu-ray, 3 years after their wedding:-
" We still watch the DVD regularly which never fails to cheer us up even on a bad day. Incidentally we rarely look at the photos which cost us a small fortune."

Caroline & Jonathan
Caroline & Jonathan
Priory Barn
August 2008
"Wonderful. You really made us feel at ease in front of the camera, in fact we barely knew you were there. The end result is amazing."
Natalie & Craig
Natalie & Craig
Donnington Grove
February 2011

"You did a superb job, we are so pleased with everything you captured. We were privileged to have you there and would not hesitate to recommend you. We have our wedding DVD to treasure forever."

Katrina & Daniel
Katrina & Daniel
Wasing Park
October 2010

"Thanks again for such an amazing service and a wonderful DVD"

Tarryn & Robert
Tarryn & Robert
Compleat Angler
August 2010

"The DVD is absolutely fantastic....captured so beautifully....we could never have imagined it would turn out as good as it has. You are a true professional."
Lisa & Kevin
Lisa & Kevin
Milton Hill House
August 2010
"Fantastic, we could not have asked for a better memory of our day."
Julie & Shaun
Julie & Shaun
Kenilworth Castle
August 2010
"I am self conscious and thought I'd hate being filmed but you were so unobtrusive that I was completely at ease and you even managed to make me look good! The photos were fantastic but the DVD really brings it to life. It really was the best money we spent on the wedding and worth every penny."
Sharon & Karl
Sharon & Karl
Bisham Abbey
April 2010
"..absolutely stunning... goodness knows how you manage to run around so fast without anyone noticing you there..we absolutely love it"

Michelle & Phil
Michelle & Phil
May 2010

"We were sooooo excited...genius...brought tears to our eyes...truly amazing and we will always cherish it."
Anouska & James
Anouska & James
Hedsor House
March 2010

" WOW!!!!!! Mark & I were simply bowled over by our DVD....can't get over how beautifully you captured the have an amazing far the best investment on the day...could watch the montage for hours...Mark never wanted a videographer but now he keeps saying 'you were right, I was wrong'...a huge thank you and it's a great way to start our marriage"

Nicky & Mark
Nicky & Mark
Wasing Park
September 2009

"The video is beautiful and captures the magic of the day wonderfully. We wholeheartedly recommend you to future clients."

Shivani & VivekShivani & Vivek
Hedsor House
August 2009

"WONDERFUL..absolutely amazing DVD"
Sarah & edward
Sarah & Ed
July 2009
"You have done a really lovely job and covered all parts of the day so naturally. Thank you so much."

Roya & JamesRoya & James
Danesfield House
June 2009

"Wow, wow, wow! We were totally overwhelmed.
The best money we spent on the wedding. In our opinion a higher priority than the photos. Our advice is 1) Choose a partner 2) Book Venue 3) Book a videographer - Barry"

Heather & Brian
Heather & Brian
Gerrard's Cross
Sept. 2008

"We couldn't sleep the night after we watched it....just like getting married again...such natural shots...made us feel the same excited, happy emotions we felt on the day which no photo could ever captured the day perfectly..."

Caroline & Jonathan
Caroline & Jonathan
Priory Barn
August 2008

"A massive thank-you. It really is superb....the best DVD ever! We knew from the demonstration that you were good but nothing prepared us for just how fabulous our DVD turned out. I'm sure we'll be rewatching it laughing and shedding tears in the years ahead"

Jo & Oscar
Jo & Oscar
June 2008

"We all love it, it's wonderful, you really are a superstar"


Karina & Saad
Karina & Saad

"We are delighted with the DVD and the overall value and service. I also have great admiration for your unobtrusive way of working and consummate technical skills."

*David is a BAFTA award winning documentary film maker.

Paula & David*
Taplow House

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did. The video film of Mariam and Simon's wedding is very beautiful. You have made our happiest memories alive"
(from Mariam's parents)


Mariam & Simon
July 2007


"We have watched the video many times and absolutely love it - it was the best money we spent on the day and its something to treasure for the future."

Tanya & Barry
Tanya & Barry
Stoke Park
July 2007


"We absolutely love it and can't stop watching it"


Laura & Jonathan
Great Fosters
May 2007


"Thank you so much for our wonderful DVD. I think my father is on his 30th viewing"


Caroline & Richard
Manor of Groves
January 2007


Magdalena's mother wrote in a postcard from Bali:-
"It was very good. We all family so happy to lookee DVD everytime enjoyez."


Magdalena & Mark
Great Fosters
January 2007


"We are so grateful to you for the DVD, your work is superb...what a fantastic talent you have."


Michelle & Mark
August 2006


"We are completely, obsessively in love with it! Kal was sceptical about having a video at first but to say he is a convert now is a gigantic understatement. I am so, so happy.

We had seen all the official and all the guest photos and thought we'd almost had enough of wedding images, but when your DVD arrived (in USA) we were blown away. Seeing the whole day in a new light was exhilerating and lovely, we can't thank you enough."


Maria & Kal
Bourne End
July 2006


"We cannot tell you how glad we are that we decided to go ahead having you as our videographer. So many guests said they didn't even notice you there yet you still managed to film them all. The wedding party said how friendly you were and made everyone relaxed."


Janet & Jude
July 2006


"We can't begin to tell you how pleased we are with the DVD. The whole thing has been put together brilliantly...there are lovely touches throughout...brilliant special effects...the highlights are were so unobtrusive...we're chuffed to bits with it!"


Serena & Lee
Easthampstead Park
April 2006


"We are thrilled with the video and every time we watch it we see something new. We can honestly say that never in our wildest dreams did we expect our wedding day to be captured so beautifully. Anyone considering not having their wedding filmed is missing out on something really special. Every time we show it to someone their first reaction is - wow!"


Jenny & Graeme
August 2005


"WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't tell you how happy and amazed we are with the video you have made for us, it is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!"

UPDATE 2007 - "We must have watched it at least a hundred times now!"


Katie & Mark
August 2005


"We love the video..!"


Jon & Abi
September 2005


"We found your service excellent from the start - very professional and friendly, also discreet and unobtrusive on the day. Thank you for letting us relive the memories of our special day in such a fantastic way."


Amanda & Ian
Blenheim Palace
June 2005


"Thank- you for the most beautiful wedding video, we couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. Everything was captured beautifully and mum was so pleased that you managed a shot of every guest. Wonderful, we couldn't recommend you highly enough."


Sally & Alex
Waddesdon Dairy
July 2005


"We have just watched it for the fourth time in two days and it's fantastic. My mum didn't cry at the wedding but cried all the way through the DVD as it is so magical!!!"


Kelly & Sean
Horwood House
March 2005


"We continue to LOVE the DVD and watch it at least once a week. It really has made the whole wedding experience just wonderful."


Kirsten & Nicholas
Wycombe Abbey
December 2004


"The wedding was only six weeks ago but it seems surreal now, like it didn't really happen to us. The photos were good but watching your DVD really brings all the atmosphere back, all those details we missed on the day, it's fantastic. We'll be watching it over and over again and we'd thoroughly recommend you to anyone getting married."


Sarah & Chris
Bradenham Manor
November 2004


"We can't help watching it over and over again, Everyone says how brilliant it is. It's better than we ever imagined and we will treasure it always"


Leigh & Richard
September 2004


"Thank you so much, it's beautiful, we can't believe so many things went on that we missed so it's lovely to have it all captured"


Hayley & Jason
Great Fosters
September 2004


"I'm so pleased we booked you - it is truly magical"


Natalie & Richard
Le Manoir aux Quart Saisons
May 2004


"We are so pleased with the many people have commented how fantastic it is and they didn't even know you were there".


Annalie & Will
The Berystede
October 2003


"Words cannot express how thrilled I am with the video.You captured the day so beautifully, as Mother of the Bride it is lovely to know I can just sit down and re-live the wedding at any time. I knew I would like the video better than any photos. I have no hesitation in recommending you."


Diana Charles
January 2003
"We are so thrilled with the video. Many people were surprised by it because they hadn't noticed you on the day, but you captured everything and the quality is superb."


Helen & Robert
Ye Olde Bell, Hurley
April 2003


"...words are inadequate, we are so thrilled with it....such professionalism and care. We will be able to relive our day whenever we want and are so grateful to you for giving us this opportunity. You were wonderful on our wedding day and afterwards too. Thank you so much."



Sukhi & Deepa
Pendley Manor
September 2003


"..thank you for the incredible recording of our wedding day. We just love watching it and reliving the best day of our lives. You truly captured how special it was."


Sam & Phil
Temple Island
August 2003


"We watched it five times in the last week and we will never tire of watching it again and again."


Leo & Isobel
Shoppenhangers Manor
August 2003


" We are so delighted with the quality of the DVD and the presentation, thank you for all the thought that has gone into it"


Claire & Jason
Stoke Park
July 2003


"We thought the video was beautiful, you captured the day wonderfully"


Sarah & Russell


"Thank you for the superb wedding video - you have captured the day fantastically. We are really delighted with the end product, especially as you get so much more from the video than you do for the photographs. So many things we missed or didn't even know was going on"

Jo & Steve
January 2003
"You captured the day fantastically well and we have re-lived the day more times than we care to admit."


Anna & Richard
Horwood House
December 2002


"..a fabulous wedding video - we love it. Before seeing it we wondered how you'd manage to put it together as we didn't think you had been filming - you blended into the background and you were totally unobtrusive"

Jackie & Steve George
October 2002
"You captured our day perfectly, everything and everyone who mean the most to us are there, you have done such a super job. Mum collected her video on Saturday and has already watched it five times......I think you can gather we love it!"


Lisa & Robert
Clearwell Castle
May 2002


"My mum is trying to break the record, she has watched our video 25 times in 7 days, we feel sorry for her VCR."


Anita & Darren
July 2002

"It's better than we could ever have imagined and is the best possible memory of the best day of our lives. We shall watch this for years to come."


Zoe & Andrew
Highclere Castle


"The video really is beautiful and captures the day, the mood and the atmosphere perfectly."


Vicky & Richard
Great Fosters
October 2001


"Thanks so much for the wonderful video. When we first started to plan our wedding we weren't keen on having a video, only parental pressure made us decide. Boy are we glad we did."


Jo & Neil
The Berystede


"Thank you for capturing our day so perfectly. It's a beautiful wedding video that we will treasure forever"

Louise & Dylan
July 2001


"You were everywhere without being seen. Everyone who has seen it is overwhelmed"


Ruth & Tim
Monkey Island
June 2001


"You have captured our day in a perfect way and we couldn't have hoped for anything more"


Jenny & Anwar
Lillibrooke Manor
April 2001


"The perfect day with a perfect video as the icing on the cake."


Ana & Michael
Tudor Barn
April 2001


"It's a wonderful record and we were pleased with its artistic and tasteful documentary style rather than being gimmicky"

Mr & Mrs Oliver
Danesfield House
Jan 2001


"We were very impressed with the video, especially the picture quality, content, presentation and music. We have shown it to many family members and friends who have also said how professional and enjoyable to watch it is. Before the wedding we could not decide whether to have one as we felt it might be intrusive, but we are so glad we did and we were hardly aware it was being shot. As the day went so quickly it has been lovely to be able to look back and see lots of things we missed on the day. It is a lovely memento to keep for years to come."

Tina & Ian Oct.1998


"It really is perfect, there are so many wonderful moments - it makes me cry every time. I especially like the montage at the end - when I watch it I find myself grinning like an idiot! Everyone says it's like being at the wedding all over again. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Sue & Richard


"Thank you so much for the wonderful video. You captured the happiness and love felt by all the family and friends. We were particularly impressed with the picture content and presentation. This is a film we will always treasure."

Carol & Francis Aug.99


"You know you've made a successful wedding video when guests who didn't want a video actually see it and can't imagine the rest of their life without owning one. That's what happened with your video of our wedding day. It's wonderful."

Rhona & Tony
Taplow House


"You made an absolutely fabulous job of the whole day and the special moments you captured are just so perfect. Every time we watch it the story just flows.."

Caroline & Richard, Sept. '98


"What can we say! The video is amazing & had all the family in tears. We watched it 3 times the first night and went to bed at 4 a.m. You captured every important moment throughout the whole day and evening and the music was just perfect. As for the end medley.......BRILLIANT."

Rachel & Mark, August 1997

"Thank you so much for the wedding video, it is without doubt worth every penny and is something we will allways treasure."

Vanessa & Ian, July '96


"..thank you so much...we've watched it so many times. we didn't realise that we had missed so much, the day went so quick. The video is something we can keep forever."

Claire & Jason, May '98


"...thanks for making such a great wedding video for us. A video really brings all the family and friends to life in a way that the photos can't. We are so pleased that it appears friendly and informal which is just as we wanted it."

Janet & Mark, July '89

"Fantastic is an understatement, the video is out of this world. We will certainly recommend you."

Anita & Darren,
June '95


"All our family and friends have watched it, laughed and cried through it. Each time there is something new we didn't notice before, it's absolutely brilliant."

Mandy & Dave, October. '93


"Thank you so much for such a wonderful wedding video. Everybody loves it and we can't stop watching it. It's something we will treasure for life. Of course we will recommend you to others."

Tina & Ian, Sept. '91


"We would like to thank you for the enchanting video of Jane & Christopher's wedding. People have been enthralled by it. Brilliant."

Mr & Mrs Wilson Febr. 92


"Thank you for producing such a marvellous memento of our special day. We thought your imagination and interpretation of the day was amazing. We kept thinking you'd gone home, the final result certainly proved otherwise."

Lorraine & Frank, Sept. '91

"Thanks for your professionalism on the day and the outstanding end result. The filming and music are excellent."

Maria & Steve, June '98


"From start to finish you edited it so well and caught so much that we didn't realise what a wonderful day it was. Dad describes it as a mini Hollywood production as it was put together so professionally."

Jenny & Rory,
Oakley Court
Sept. 98


"We did not feel you were in the way at all as you managed to blend in with the day's events. We are so glad we did have a video and to any prospective customers who may be reading our letter - LET BARRY DO IT FOR YOU!
All in all we are truly delighted."
Sharon & Dean,
Elcot Park
Oct. '97


I rest my case!

That's only a small selection of them too, I have hundreds!
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