Fun by the River at Marlow

English rose Sasha married dashing Aussie Warren at St.Martin’s Church Ruislip recently. Reception was at The Compleat Angler Hotel, set beautifully by the Thames and the picturesque suspension bridge at Marlow. I hope this short film of their boat ride will convey what a happy occasion it was on a glorious day.

A big thanks to Father Simon Evans who allowed filming in the church for the very first time. This was to enable friends and relatives who were unable to attend to share memories of the beautiful service, especially those in Australia.

Sasha & Warren

A big red London bus transferred the guests to the hotel in Marlow where the sun shone all afternoon.

Sasha & Warren

Before the photo session Sasha and Warren enjoyed a boat trip from and back to the hotel and I joined them for a short time to get some memorable footage. The big confetti welcome back to shore was typical of a very lively and enjoyable day.

Sasha & Warren

Sasha & Warren confetti

In the evening top band Madhen really got the party going. They are billed as the UK’s best party band and they lived up to it with some great dance music and were an equal match for the very energetic Aussie contingent. Best wishes to Sasha and Warren as they settle down in Australia and they will have fantastic memories of the day and perhaps it will remind them that it’s not all endless rain and fog here!



The Silver Lining

Lovely Hitomi & Kenei reaffirmed their wedding at Coworth Park Hotel, Ascot which is an impressive Georgian mansion set in 240 acres of parkland.  They were joined by close friends and family from Japan and around the world and nobody seemed to care that it was a rather wet and chilly day in February..

Hitomi & Kenei

Hitomi & Kenei

I was pleased with their music preferences of classical and smooth jazz which gave me a chance to use one of my favourite tracks by the legendary crooner Chet Baker. Hitomi and Kenei agreed that it was a perfect choice for their photo session during which Hitomi bravely risked her beautiful dress to look for a silver lining to the rain clouds.

Hitomi & Kenei

 Hitomi & Kenei

Covering the speeches before the meal was quite an experience for me as each speech was repeated with a translation to/from Japanese! Needless to say I still don’t know a word of the language.  Thank you Hitomi and Kenei for letting me be part of a memorable afternoon at Coworth Park Hotel.

Melissa & David’s Wedding with an Extra Guest!

Here’s a heart-warming and seasonal story about Melissa and David’s wedding just before Christmas. They booked me just a couple of weeks before the big day, explaining that they had brought their wedding  forward because they were expecting their first baby in January. Apparently they had been waiting a long time for this event so it was extra special but they wanted to enjoy their wedding first then devote all their attention to the new baby. Here are brief highlights to give you a flavour of their day.

I arrived at their house to film bridal preparations. I did notice a cot in the bedroom but ignored it presuming it to be empty. Meanwhile Missy was busying herself with make-up while I filmed. Then after a few minutes I heard a little cry. I was stunned to find out that in the cot was a very small but perfect Fletcher, and he was only five days old! Apparently the birth had to be brought forward leaving Missy obviously very happy at the safe arrival but very sore with stitches. With everything going on it’s not surprising that she forgot to tell me.

Melissa & David

It was a beautiful and sunny day but freezing cold when I caught up with groom David at St.Mary’s Church in the centre of Hemel Hempstead. Brimming with emotion, David tried to explain to me what it was like to have the two most important events in your life come at the same time. As I listened I even had to fight back the tears myself.

The day went perfectly with plenty of volunteers wanting to hold Fletcher including of course proud parents and grandparents. Missy did really well considering how sore she must have felt and she even stood through a long but entertaining photo session outside the church. Family friend and pro photographer Mac McBride (real name) put everyone at ease with his jokes and patter and he was a pleasure to work with.

Hot chocolate and mince pies were handed out to keep us all warm but with frostbite nipping our fingers Mac and I filmed them leaving Hemel in a stretch limo on their way to The Cricketer’s pub in Redbourn where they were joined by just close friends and family for a reception and speeches. As usual I’m pleased to say that Missy & David sent me a big thank you for a “fantastic video” saying that they “absolutely LOVED IT!”


Lucy & Simon at Wasing Park

Lucy & Simon love their DVD especially these highlights which they claim to have watched over 50 times in the last few weeks!


They were married on a lovely late Autumn day at fabulous Wasing Park where I am a preferred supplier. It was good to work alongside my pal and top photographer Neale James again knowing that we could easily work around each other in the tight areas and share a few laughs through the day as usual. Congratulations to Neale who was recently voted 2014’s Wedding Photographer of the Year for London and the South East at the Wedding Industry Awards.

Lucy's bridal party walking to the church.

The wedding service was held in St.Nicholas’ Church which is actually on the Wasing Estate just a short walk from the bridal suite where Lucy got ready. It’s a lovely church though rather cosy inside so careful camera positioning is essential to get great film shots without being intrusive.

Lucy & Simon

Lucy & Simon

Lucy & Simon

Everyone agreed that they make a handsome couple and not surprisingly Simon hardly took his eyes off radiant Lucy all day!


Simon is in the music business so it was a challenge to choose the right tracks for their DVD. Lucy tells me that Simon was very impressed with my selection. I was impressed by their choices of music on the day including Beatles love songs sung by the choir. I loved their upbeat first dance jiving to Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell” when Lucy  simply glided around in her beautiful dress.




Meeting Richard & Holly Again Four Years After Their Wedding

holly-rivervale 2014

Here’s Richard and Holly at The Royal Berkshire Hotel for the recent wedding of their friend’s Charlene and Andy. I filmed their wedding at Rivervale Barn in 2010 and they look so pleased because they are telling me (unprompted) just how much they love their wedding DVD. Needless to say they still watch it regularly and it’s great to see them so happy and well. I delved into the archives for this image from their DVD:-

holly-rivervale 2010

Emma & Alex – Smoke and Raindrops!


Emma & Alex were married at St.John the Baptist Church in The Lee where Emma was brought up. It’s a beautiful village tucked away in The Chiltern Hills. Reception was held at nearby Chartridge Lodge where Emma and Alex both worked a few years ago and well, the rest is history!

We’ve had a mainly glorious summer but August was unpredictable as Emma and Alex found out on their big day. Heavy showers were forecast but it was dry enough as the guests arrived though a strange mist was developing. I have encountered all sorts of  hazards when filming weddings including adjacent house alarms sounding off for hours but never a big, smoky bonfire. Within minutes the churchyard was enveloped and I could barely see the guests let alone film them. This needed divine intervention and Revd. David stepped in to explain to the neighbour that a wedding was taking place. The smoke was all gone by the time Emma arrived and she was happily oblivious to the mini drama.

Rain hammered on the church roof during the service and photos were done inside. When the rain stopped and we all thought it was safe to leave a confetti line was organised. At this point of no return the heavens opened again and you can see the result in the video. Fortunately Emma and Alex kept smiling and they were soon rewarded within a few minutes of arriving at the reception when the clouds parted and we had lovely warm sun for the rest of the afternoon.

emma-the lee 2

emma-the lee 3

It was good to meet photographer Adel Hanna who was a pleasure to work with. We must have that game of golf we talked about soon!

Straight Down the Middle with Claire & Steve at Wentworth

Claire & Steve picked a beautiful day and Wentworth looked in full bloom as it was preparing for the BMW tournament. We filmed this short video after the meal in the early evening when the light was perfect.

I’m not sure how impressed Claire was when she found out Steve’s wedding surprise for her was a bit of golf tuition but she kept that wonderful smile going as she had all day.


An emotional civil ceremony was held at the club and followed by a very sunny afternoon photo session.


Claire was nearly but not quite upstaged by a host of delightful and very well behaved children including flower girls Georgia and Jaimee. They were all rewarded with a visit from a friendly wizard in the evening!



Now for my golf story. I’m a very bad golfer so the only time I get to Wentworth Club is when I film a wedding there. During the afternoon somebody said that golf legend Gary Player was in the bar but unfortunately I was too busy to go and see him and in any case I’m not a club member (they’d throw me out if I was). Anyway I needed to get to the roof terrace to shoot the big group of everyone at the wedding. I asked a member of staff directions and was told to go up the stairs and through a room where I could access the terrace. In a hurry I burst into the room carrying the camera and was surprised to see someone sitting at a large desk with their back to me and seemingly doing something very important. I whispered sorry and went on to film the big group. I did notice that the guy had dark wavy hair and was very suntanned. On the way back through the room I didn’t want to be so rude as to disturb him and ask to see his face properly, so I just whispered sorry again and crept out. Later I found out that it was in fact the man himself Gary Player, winner of 9 majors and 163 worldwide tour wins. So my chance to shake hands with him and maybe get a sprinkle of stardust from him was sadly missed and instead of quizzing him for golf tips all I said was “Sorry”. Perhaps that was fitting because I really should apologise for playing his game so badly all these years.

Vickie & Terry, Happy at Warbrook House

In this short video clip you can enjoy the happiness which was the theme of the day when Vickie & Terry were married at Holy Trinity church, Theale. Reception was at stunning Warbrook House near Eversley. Vickie didn’t stop smiling all day, so the music choice was easy!

Vickie & Terry, Holy Trinity Church, Theale

Despite near gale force winds the sun shone brightly all day as did Vickie’s smile. It was great to work again with Caroline Gue of CP Photography who recommended me to Vickie. I repaid her by nearly running her over when filming from the golf buggy. That’s Caroline, being chased by the buggy in the video clip above. Sorry Caroline.

theale blog 2

The buggy ride took us around the lake to this beautiful spot with the grand house in the distance. Fortunately Caroline survived the journey to organise a photoshoot through the beautiful grounds and it was my turn to run around.

theale blog 3

Shivani & Vishal at Wokefield Park

When Shivani came to see me last year for a demo she brought mum, dad and sister Pooja. They were all such good fun that I couldn’t wait to film the wedding and I wasn’t disappointed. I hope you can see their warmth and humour in these highlights.

I started filming at the henna party which was held two days before the wedding and I was immediately made to feel welcome just like one of the guests. The ladies sangeet was followed by a dance competition featuring both families. The result was an honourable draw. It was a great atmosphere and I could see that these families know how to party!

shivani 1

The wedding at Wokefield Park was an all day affair full of vibrancy and colour like all Hindu weddings. As usual there were plenty of guests, around 330 I believe and I filmed all on my own. It’s hard work but I prefer it that way and like to think that by keeping a low profile everyone looks more comfortable and natural on screen.
shivani 2

It was good to see their friends Shikha & Sonny again whose wedding (also at Wokefield Park) I had filmed a couple of years before, especially as they had recommended me to Shivani. Also, as a result of this wedding last year I filmed my most recent wedding for family friends Simmi and Terence at Hedsor House which is featured elsewhere in the blog.

Simmi & Terence at Hedsor House

I’ve only just started editing Simmi and Terence’s civil wedding but was so knocked out by the stunning weather, location and handsome couple that I thought I’d share a few still images to show you what I mean. Considering the violent rainstorms of the previous days this was an amazing turnaround.

simmi-hedsor 7

Love was definitely in the air between the couple and both families and you can see just how pleased dad Paul is with his new son-in-law!

simmi-hedsor 2


simmi-hedsor 1

Hedsor House is a private country house venue in Buckinghamshire set in its own magnificent 100-acre park perched high above the Thames – which is just as well considering the floods below! It has been used a film location for several big films including The Golden Compass and Quartet.

simmi-hedsor 3

simmi-hedsor 4

Simmi and Terence left the venue by horse and carriage via the beautiful half-mile long driveway watched by long horned highland cattle and followed by the videographer until he couldn’t keep up anymore.

simmi-hedsor 6

simmi-hedsor 5

We all returned for the evening Sangeet function where live music and ad hoc dancing was performed by family members, henna decorations made on hands (not mine) and traditional food provided which I confirm was delicious. Next week is the Asian wedding ceremony and I’ll look forward to more colourful filming and more traditional food I hope.