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The Egg Hunt at Susanna & Stephen’s Wedding

So it's Easter Sunday and during the meal break at Susanna & Stephen's wedding I see the children's entertainer hiding eggs and sweets around the venue. She has so many that I offer to help. A videographer's role takes surprising turns. After ten minutes or so we are finished and the children are let loose. Seizing the moment I grab my camera and am rewarded by this little sequence.

The Egg Hunt at Susanna & Stephen's Wedding from Barry Weare on Vimeo.

I originally used the Birdie Song, bird - eggs, get it? OK it was a bit corny so we changed it to the Candy Man. Hope you enjoy it.

When I have time I'll tell you more about Susanna & Stephen's wedding at fabulous Hedsor House.


Katie & Mathew’s Spring Wedding

Katie & Mathew were married at St.Michael's Church, Bray on one of the most perfect spring days you could wish for. Lovely Katie's dress sparkled in the sun and I could see why Mathew couldn't help falling in love with her. I also knew that he loved UB40 so it was obvious which track to play for them!

It's nice to have children around at weddings and they are always great to film. Katie's nephew Ellis was page boy and ring bearer and he hardly stopped smiling all day. That should be enough for a nine year old but he amazed everyone by also making a really good speech which he actually wrote himself. I don't know about his family but I had a lump in my throat as he gave it and I doubt that there were many dry eyes around. Well done Ellis.

It was good to work with photographer Mark Bunney for the first time. His assistant was also called Mark, so naturally I called them Mark 1 and Mark 2. Well I thought it was funny. Anyway we got on well.

Reception was at Maidenhead Golf Club where Katie's dad was a member and I'm pleased to report as usual that Katie & Mathew love their video!


Hollie & Colin at Chartridge Lodge

Considering the vast majority of weddings I film have mainly dry weather it's strange how rain features in many of my posts. Hollie and Colin were married at St.Anthony's RC church in Farnham and it stayed dry until we reached Chartridge Lodge. My pal and ace photographer Mark Sisley knew that we only had a few minutes to make the most of the venue's fabulous gardens as heavy rain was imminent. Hollie wasn't too worried about getting her dress a bit wet, she just wanted great photos. So while the guests were still arriving Mark and I set to work with this very happy and lovely couple and this was the result, all done in under 10 minutes.

One of the bridesmaids was Colin's sister Teresa whose wedding I filmed a few years ago. It's always good to do follow up weddings where I know many of the guests. As always, Hollie and Colin tell me that they absolutely love their DVD! "I still can't work out how you filmed it - it's like there were 5 different camera men to cover all the angles you got!" said Colin.

How were we so sure about the length of the dry weather window? It's only because I'm now using the Dark Sky super accurate weather app!


Lauryn & Kevin – Taplow House

Beautiful Taplow House was the perfect setting for Lauryn & Kevin's wedding just before christmas.


There was a brilliant atmosphere throughout with lots of banter and fun, especially during the speeches. Despite being in the depths of winter we managed a photo session outside in fading light with the classic building and gardens with rare tulip trees as backdrop.

Lauryn asked for guest interviews so I recruited 10yr old page boy Charlie to help. He had the microphone and charmed everyone he interviewed, a star for the future!

Considering they only booked me a few weeks before the wedding I was really pleased when they commented that they absolutely loved the DVD and were so glad they found me.


The Nutter Cat

For good cutaway shots at weddings I find it's always worthwhile pointing the camera at children or animals and waiting for something funny or cute to happen. In this case at Wycombe Abbey recently it paid off as you can see


Shoot It Yourself?

On Dragon's Den this week was a new wedding videography company called Shoot It Yourself. It's basically what it says on the tin i.e. they loan you one or two cameras, give you tips on how to operate it then you or your guests film the wedding. The company then edits the result to a short montage of 20-30mins.  The real selling point is that they make it look a lot of fun and, because it's done by friends/family you should get good reactions. Well it looks fun on their demo anyway with lots of gurning at camera and cheesy sound bites despite the awful wobbly out of focus shots. Strangely the service isn't much cheaper than a professionally produced film but if that's how couples want their weddng video to look then maybe it's the way to go.

But I was hoping a Dragon would say "I wouldn't want to give any of my family or friends the responsibility of doing this. If it went wrong I'd never forgive them and besides it would ruin their enjoyment of the day, so I'm outta here"

But they didn't.


Filming Online Art Lessons

Most of my filming work is for weddings which I always enjoy but it's refreshing to do other work occasionally. Over the last few years I have been working with local artist Dee Cowell to produce a series of online instructional videos. Dee is renowned internationally for her watercolours, oils and pastel work. She is also a brilliant art tutor and has decided to share her knowledge and experience of art techniques and materials with students around the world.

I was always top in art at school but stupidly never followed it up so it has been great for me to have these lessons while I filmed! The lessons are free so anyone, anywhere can benefit from them on .


Working With Photographers

Having filmed over a thousand weddings and actually lost count now I have only had problems with photographers on two occasions, both over ten years ago. I'll spare you the details but on both times I recall the brides complaining about the quality of their photographs. One of them was so obnoxious that I had a nosebleed! Try operating a camcorder among wedding guests while clutching a bloody handkerchief to your face, it's not ideal.

I now know many photographers quite well and it's always great to work with them again. They often tell me horror stories about videographers getting in every shot and generally making life difficult. Hopefully they are more at ease working with someone they know. At every other wedding I seem to meet a new photographer and I start by assuring them that I'll do my best to work around them. Invariably there are no conflicts, we end up having a good chat in the meal break and exchanging cards.

All I ask of the photographer is that my film doesn't end up like this one :- I can feel my nose twitching just watching it.



Photographers are lucky to have many awards available to them, they have several associations and institutes each showering awards down to local area levels. Awards are hard to come by for videographers because competitions to enter are so few and far between! Currently the Institute of Videography annual wedding category is the only relevant major award that I know of. With my last award in 2002 I'm well aware that it's about time I won something again. So this year c'mon you brides I'm looking to make the best ever films

For the record I was DVD Videographer of the Year 2002. This award was presented by Samron Technologies who at that time were the UK's premier DVD authoring studio. In the early days of DVD wedding videographers sent their tapes to Samron for them to make the DVD versions. It was particularly pleasing because they processed thousands of weddings each year and based the award on consistent performance rather than just one specially prepared one. A bit like winning the league title rather than the cup and I am still very proud of that one!

Then there was the APV Wedding Video of the Year 1999. Organised by the Association of Professional Videographers (now discontinued) there was tough competition at the time from some larger production houses. I have to admit this was as runner up but the winner was from somewhere up in the frozen North so I did claim an unofficial Southern Area title.


Has that video camera got sound on it?

You’d be surprised how often I am asked this question at weddings. I have to stifle what comes to mind and answer “Yes I hope so” as politely as possible. I mean to say doesn’t everybody know that camcorders record sound and vision? Even my very first clockwork video camera had a rudimentary microphone. Now I love weddings and love meeting people but sometimes I have to use my imaginary sniper rifle (with silencer of course) to stay sane.

But nothing is guaranteed to get my trigger finger itching so much as when someone shouts “Oh look, we’re on Candid Camera” just as I’m filming a really good group who are all relaxed and unaware of my presence. This is still quite common despite the fact that Candid Camera was last on black and white BBC TV in the 1960s (so I’m told). As usual I stifle what comes to mind and pretend I’ve never heard anything so witty, before shooting off a few blasts from my imaginary sub-machine gun in the general direction of the perpetrator.