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Being Filmed – Nervous?

With many couples I meet one of them is more keen on video that the other. Sometimes one of them (usually the groom for some reason) refuses to have anything to do with booking the video. They won't even make eye contact with me at the rehearsal or on the day! I see this as a challenge and can happily report that in 100% of cases once the reluctant partner has seen the finished BW film they become the most enthusiastic converts you can imagine. I have letters confirming that these spouses often apologise on a daily basis for months after the wedding and can't imagine how they could ever have considered not having a professional video (by me of course) of the biggest, most important day of their lives.

Being filmed can potentially un-nerve the most outgoing people if it's done without care. I specialise in filming low key and am always being told the classic "we didn't notice you were there". Many people are worried how they will look on camera and I think that's because over the years of being snapped by friends and family and told to "Smile!" they and up grimacing and are convinced that is what they look like. When unaware of being filmed they look much more natural and that's how others really see them and like to remember them.

So how should you act on the day? Well really I'd rather you didn't act at all - just be yourself. There will be times when you do see me filming of course and if you get a twinge of stage fright you can a) ignore me, b) smile/wave, c) kiss your partner or d) say something to camera. Anything that doesn't come out right will be edited of course so just don't worry, relax, chill out and enjoy the day.

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