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Hollie & Colin at Chartridge Lodge

Considering the vast majority of weddings I film have mainly dry weather it's strange how rain features in many of my posts. HollieĀ and Colin were married at St.Anthony's RC church in Farnham and it stayed dry until we reached Chartridge Lodge. My pal and ace photographer Mark Sisley knew that we only had a few minutes to make the most of the venue's fabulous gardens as heavy rain was imminent. Hollie wasn't too worried about getting her dress a bit wet, she just wanted great photos. So while the guests were still arriving Mark and I set to work with this very happy and lovely couple and this was the result, all done in under 10 minutes.

One of the bridesmaids was Colin's sister Teresa whose wedding I filmed a few years ago. It's always good to do follow up weddings where I know many of the guests. As always, Hollie and Colin tell me that they absolutely love their DVD! "I still can't work out how you filmed it - it's like there were 5 different camera men to cover all the angles you got!" said Colin.

How were we so sure about the length of the dry weather window? It's only becauseĀ I'm now using the Dark Sky super accurate weather app!