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Straight Down the Middle with Claire & Steve at Wentworth

Claire & Steve picked a beautiful day and Wentworth looked in full bloom as it was preparing for the BMW tournament. We filmed this short video after the meal in the early evening when the light was perfect.

I'm not sure how impressed Claire was when she found out Steve's wedding surprise for her was a bit of golf tuition but she kept that wonderful smile going as she had all day.


An emotional civil ceremony was held at the club and followed by a very sunny afternoon photo session.


Claire was nearly but not quite upstaged by a host of delightful and very well behaved children including flower girls Georgia and Jaimee. They were all rewarded with a visit from a friendly wizard in the evening!



Now for my golf story. I'm a very bad golfer so the only time I get to Wentworth Club is when I film a wedding there. During the afternoon somebody said that golf legend Gary Player was in the bar but unfortunately I was too busy to go and see him and in any case I'm not a club member (they'd throw me out if I was). Anyway I needed to get to the roof terrace to shoot the big group of everyone at the wedding. I asked a member of staff directions and was told to go up the stairs and through a room where I could access the terrace. In a hurry I burst into the room carrying the camera and was surprised to see someone sitting at a large desk with their back to me and seemingly doing something very important. I whispered sorry and went on to film the big group. I did notice that the guy had dark wavy hair and was very suntanned. On the way back through the room I didn't want to be so rude as to disturb him and ask to see his face properly, so I just whispered sorry again and crept out. Later I found out that it was in fact the man himself Gary Player, winner of 9 majors and 163 worldwide tour wins. So my chance to shake hands with him and maybe get a sprinkle of stardust from him was sadly missed and instead of quizzing him for golf tips all I said was "Sorry". Perhaps that was fitting because I really should apologise for playing his game so badly all these years.