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Shivani & Vishal at Wokefield Park

When Shivani came to see me last year for a demo she brought mum, dad and sister Pooja. They were all such good fun that I couldn't wait to film the wedding and I wasn't disappointed. I hope you can see their warmth and humour in these highlights.

I started filming at the henna party which was held two days before the wedding and I was immediately made to feel welcome just like one of the guests. The ladies sangeet was followed by a dance competition featuring both families. The result was an honourable draw. It was a great atmosphere and I could see that these families know how to party!

shivani 1

The wedding at Wokefield Park was an all day affair full of vibrancy and colour like all Hindu weddings. As usual there were plenty of guests, around 330 I believe and I filmed all on my own. It's hard work but I prefer it that way and like to think that by keeping a low profile everyone looks more comfortable and natural on screen.
shivani 2

It was good to see their friends Shikha & Sonny again whose wedding (also at Wokefield Park) I had filmed a couple of years before, especially as they had recommended me to Shivani. Also, as a result of this wedding last year I filmed my most recent wedding for family friends Simmi and Terence at Hedsor House which is featured elsewhere in the blog.


Simmi & Terence at Hedsor House

I've only just started editing Simmi and Terence's civil wedding but was so knocked out by the stunning weather, location and handsome couple that I thought I'd share a few still images to show you what I mean. Considering the violent rainstorms of the previous days this was an amazing turnaround.

simmi-hedsor 7

Love was definitely in the air between the couple and both families and you can see just how pleased dad Paul is with his new son-in-law!

simmi-hedsor 2


simmi-hedsor 1

Hedsor House is a private country house venue in Buckinghamshire set in its own magnificent 100-acre park perched high above the Thames - which is just as well considering the floods below! It has been used a film location for several big films including The Golden Compass and Quartet.

simmi-hedsor 3

simmi-hedsor 4

Simmi and Terence left the venue by horse and carriage via the beautiful half-mile long driveway watched by long horned highland cattle and followed by the videographer until he couldn't keep up anymore.

simmi-hedsor 6

simmi-hedsor 5

We all returned for the evening Sangeet function where live music and ad hoc dancing was performed by family members, henna decorations made on hands (not mine) and traditional food provided which I confirm was delicious. Next week is the Asian wedding ceremony and I'll look forward to more colourful filming and more traditional food I hope.