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Leigh & Alan at Buxted Park

My pal and ace photographer Peter Prior recommended me for Leigh and Alan's wedding at beautiful Buxted Park in East Sussex. Despite numerous M4 and M25 delays, tractors blocking roads etc. I arrived hot and bothered but just in time to set up, meet the couple and be part of a very entertaining and memorable day. You'll see in this special version of their highlights that Leigh & Alan and their friends really know how to enjoy themselves. I'll let you work out where they first met, the clue is in the video!

Leigh is a big tennis fan and a friend made this amazing wedding cake. It's Flushing Meadow, there's another clue for you.

The two best men Mike and Jason gave a hilarious speech together including impersonations of Ant and Dec and merciless taunting of poor Alan who took it all very well I must say.  They had a great first dance too, or rather a series of dances rolled into one. Starting with a favourite ballad  for a couple of minutes they then switched to Barry White disco, to Beyoncé, then Gangnam Style by which time they were joined by their friends.

I ended the filming with a couple of hours of video diary which worked very well. Thankfully I then had a clear run along the motorways to arrive home knackered but still buzzing from an amazing day. Needless to say Leigh tells me that they love their wedding video.