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Kate & Simon – 2003!

That's right, 2003. At last week's wedding of Vanessa & James at Lillibrooke Manor (more on theirs coming soon) I bumped into Kate and Simon whose wedding I had filmed ten years ago in Wrington, Somerset. They told me how very pleased they were with their video and how they now showed it to their children who loved to watch it. That's what I like to hear and it made my day! Many weddings have passed since theirs but I remembered a sunny churchyard from which they departed to reception on a haycart towed by a tractor! One memorable  image stood out which is still in my image gallery and repeated here.

They said that they had recommended me to all their friends and as we chatted I realised that they were just one of at least twenty beautiful weddings that had all started with a lovely lady called Sue McKenzie who has recommended me to all her many friends since I filmed her daughter Becky's wedding back in 2000. I believe Sue has appeared in more of my weddings than anyone else and I now joke with her about commissions for each wedding. I really must get a cheque in the post to her.