BW Blog Has that video camera got sound on it?


Nikki and Ed in Windsor

Join Nikki and Ed for their family photos by the Long Walk and a stroll through Windsor town on a lovely Autumn day.


Nikki was joined by family and friends from America for her marriage to Ed at St.Peter & St.Andrew's church in Old Windsor followed by reception at the Harte & Garter hotel overlooking Windsor Castle. As you can see once again for BW the weather was beautiful.

Photos were by Alex Bray Photography and at the hotel we were helped as usual by professional toastmaster John Grosse. Nikki and her mum tell me they absolutely love the video and that I'm a genius - I'm not arguing with that!


Taryn & Richard at Oakley Court

Motown buffs Taryn and Richard tied the knot at Oakley Court Hotel this year. They booked me just two weeks before the big day and now tell me that they have watched it time after time and can't wait for Christmas to watch it all again with all the family. Enjoy their highlights and remember It Just Takes Two Babyeheh......!