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Danielle & JonPaul at Wycombe Abbey – Video Added!

In July English rose Danielle married Italian JonPaul at Wycombe Abbey, the fifth in a series of recommendations from one happy couple who married there a few years ago. The combination of vivacious Danielle, a very lively bridal party plus the Italian flavour made this a an unforgettable day, full of fun and plenty of scope for a great video film. Danielle and JonPaul love their DVD and I've remixed their highlights to give you a flavour of the day.

By good chance I was working again with photography duo Mark Lord and Tristram Leverett , professionals who are a pleasure to work with and get great images without "taking over" the wedding.

Danielle didn't stop smiling all day including when the best man struggled to fish the rings out of his waistcoat pocket.

If you've read my other blogs this year you'll know it really goes without saying that the weather was beautiful yet again!

A few Italian traditions had to be observed including the grand entries before the meal plus plenty of tinkling glasses and kissing of course.