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Henry & Zipporah at Beaumont Estate, Windsor

Last May it was back to Beaumont Estate near Windsor for another exotic occasion. This time was for fine art decorative plasterer Henry and Kenyan air hostess Zippy's wedding blessing, two lovely characters who came to see me for a demo last year. Henry told me about his commissions all around the world and how he met Zippy en route one lucky day. Zippy's home is within sight of the huge flamingo lake seen in wildlife documentaries. She brought over plenty of family and friends including a bevy of dusky beauties making my job even more of a pleasure!

I teamed up again with top photographer Mark Sisley who I must thank for telling Henry about my work. I have known Mark for years and his fine work is still keeping him very, very busy.

The fun really started when the bridal party, led by Zippy, made their way through the hotel to the ceremony room. The girls were chanting and dancing to an infectious ethnic rhythm, something they did at every opportunity throughout the day. Needless to say it was ideal and fabulous for video.

When he saw the dancing, page boy Syd just couldn't help joining in.

Zippy also brought African weather, it must have been the sunniest day of the year.

Henry & Zippy love their DVD and now call me Barry Spielberg. They tell me it's better than they could have imagined x10, to quote: "We felt like we were re-living the day including seeing and hearing things we all missed. We are so so happy with the quality, music (including your additions from where you found I have no idea) super editing, great angles & so many perspectives it feels like you had an army of cameras and helpers to cover it all!!!"


Spring Weddings

I'm so busy editing that I often forget to update my blog, so a roundup of some of my fabulous spring weddings is long overdue. The wet weather didn't dampen any of them as invariably the clouds and rain rolled back at just the right times. It happens so often that I'm considering charging extra to arrange it.

On a cloudy but mild day in February radiant  Karen married dashing BA pilot Gary at The Bingham in Richmond, a gorgeous boutique hotel by the river. There was only one way to open the video credits i.e. a jumbo take-off to the tune of  Michael Buble singing "Come Fly With Me". Problem for me - how to get that shot! I considered spending a few hours at the airport but realised I'd never get airside, there would always be buildings in the way. I eventually managed to track down Simon Reed, a self confessed geek who has a comprehensive library of aircraft videos, mmm. And I finally found a use for one of them - so many thanks Simon.

Karen smiled through the whole day and amazingly the sun peeped through with perfect timing for a few minutes when myself and friendly photographer Ian McAllister took them along the towpath.

Sarah and Marc married in Burnham with reception at The Castle Hotel in Windsor just like her sister Catherine whose wedding I had filmed a year ago. Catherine tells me she has watched her DVD so many times that she knows every facial expression and word by heart! With two more beautiful and eligible daughters in the wings this is the type of family I really like. I just pity poor father who has to pay for them all.

Sarah glowed throughout as you can see and though the rain hacked down during the service the sun burst through spectacularly for half an hour outside the church. The light was superb so it was so good that I was alongside my old pal and top, top photographer Nigel Harper so we could really make full use of it.

Being in the centre of Windsor we were able to take Sarah & Marc for some classic shots around the town during the break between the meal and the dancing.

OK Nigel, let's hope Sarah's father keeps working hard over the next year or so just in case!

Next it's to the picturesque Berkshire village of Stanford Dingley - I love that name. Once again as you see there were ominous dark clouds all around yet the sun was shining in the churchyard at Nina and Stephen's wedding.

I had filmed Stephen's son several years ago so it was really nice to see the family again especially with a few new additions. Reception was at the Old Mill in Aldermaston.

The page boys quickly warmed to my camera and gave me plenty of opportunities to film them chasing around (me most of the time).

Finally in my spring round up it was Sandra & Kieran who actually had a decent day of sunshine. Like all my lovely brides, Sandra smiled and glowed the whole day through.

Reception was at Rivervale Barn, Yately - one of the best barn venues around, with plenty of room and light plus beautiful gardens next door which can be used for photoshoots with the couples.






The Nutter Cat

For good cutaway shots at weddings I find it's always worthwhile pointing the camera at children or animals and waiting for something funny or cute to happen. In this case at Wycombe Abbey recently it paid off as you can see