BW Blog Has that video camera got sound on it?


Lena & Thomas at The Beaumont Estate

India and Austria came together recently for an exotic winter wedding at the Beaumont Estate near Windsor. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Suzie Jay of Chasing Moments Photography who had a nice low key approach and was obviously capturing some very special images. The reception was held in the recently restored 19th century chapel which is quite an amazing place as you can see.

As usual I had great feedback from the wedding. Lena kindly complemented me, quote from her e-mail:-
"It’s official, you are a genius! Just returned from Vienna to the most fantastic DVD, we really are both thrilled with the results. Despite this being my own wedding (I’m not being biased here!) it is undoubtedly the best wedding DVD I have watched, there is not a single dull moment, the quality is spectacular, you captured all the right moments and the music blends perfectly."



Whitney & Andrew at Christ Church Cathedral and Blenheim Palace

Fabulous locations and perfect weather helped make this a day to remember for Andy and his American bride Whitney. The Cathedral in Oxford city central is beautiful but quite a challenge to access, particularly with two cameras, tripods, gadget bag etc. but hey, nobody said this is an easy job and I was determined as ever to capture the best possible footage.

I was working again with old pal and top photographer Stuart Bebb and his local knowledge was invaluable enabling us both get our best but individual views of the day.

A magical moment was as Whitney & Andy walked through the grand corridors and squares on the campus. They came across a group of very excited Italian student tourists who spontaneously sang "Happy Wedding to you" to the tune of Happy Birthday. Fortunately I was able to capture this moment in the best possible way - on video - and even Stuart admitted that photos would not do justice to it.

Then followed a fun trip back to Blenheim Palace on a London bus. With the sun out but storm clouds in the distance we took Stuart & Andy on a buggy ride around the palace grounds. I can't think of another venue with quite so many photo opportunities so we were only too pleased to make the most of it.

As usual it was great to get Stuart & Andy's feedback. They told me that they loved the DVD, had watched it many times and thought it a wonderful way to remember the day. Job done!