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Shoot It Yourself?

On Dragon's Den this week was a new wedding videography company called Shoot It Yourself. It's basically what it says on the tin i.e. they loan you one or two cameras, give you tips on how to operate it then you or your guests film the wedding. The company then edits the result to a short montage of 20-30mins.  The real selling point is that they make it look a lot of fun and, because it's done by friends/family you should get good reactions. Well it looks fun on their demo anyway with lots of gurning at camera and cheesy sound bites despite the awful wobbly out of focus shots. Strangely the service isn't much cheaper than a professionally produced film but if that's how couples want their weddng video to look then maybe it's the way to go.

But I was hoping a Dragon would say "I wouldn't want to give any of my family or friends the responsibility of doing this. If it went wrong I'd never forgive them and besides it would ruin their enjoyment of the day, so I'm outta here"

But they didn't.


Dodging Summer Showers

Despite the poor weather this summer was as busy as ever. It's surprising how often the sun comes out on a Saturday afternoon even when a day of rain is forecast and all my weddings managed to dodge the showers for the important parts of the day. Here are just a few of the lovely weddings I filmed. I'd love to tell you about them but so little time, so much to do!

Maria & Rob certainly had a sunny day in June with a reception at The Runnymede-on-Thames hotel. I had filmed Maria's friends Roberta & Franco the year before so as ever being there on recommendation was a big bonus. Maria's Sicilian family were very welcoming to myself and Rob's family  and they made it a very lively day as you can see! Fortunately I haven't had any unwelcome or sinister visits from "The Family" as they all loved their DVD. Phew!

Later in June Ann and Jordi dodged the showers to perfection in Marlow. A downpour eased up just as they took the boat over the Thames to The Compleat Angler and the sun shone for a lovely photo session by the river until the moment they entered the hotel for reception when the heavens opened. Jordi is Dutch and had plenty of family and friends there. I believe they are the tallest race on earth, it certainly looked like it to me. Love was definitely in the air all day. Thanks to top photographers Mark & Tris aka Lord and Leverett Lifestyle Photography for being great to work with and good company.

Heavy rain was forecast in July for Fiona and Thomas's wedding at the fabulous and historic old church of St.Nicholas in Compton, Surrey. Fiona wanted to walk to the church and sure enough the rain ceased a few minutes before she left the cottage and didn't resume until they entered the marquee a few hours later.


Also in July Melissa and Kevin were married at fabulous Wasing Park where I am fortunate to be recommended. They and most of the guests came up from Kent having fallen in love with Wasing and I met them there for the first time on the day. A family friend was doing the photos which put them at ease and as you see they were a stylish and funky couple!


Vaida from Lithuania and Stephen from N.Ireland were married at impressive Warbrook House recently and there were no showers to dodge for their fine day. Thanks to photographer Guy Collier for being such good company on the day.