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Filming Online Art Lessons

Most of my filming work is for weddings which I always enjoy but it's refreshing to do other work occasionally. Over the last few years I have been working with local artist Dee Cowell to produce a series of online instructional videos. Dee is renowned internationally for her watercolours, oils and pastel work. She is also a brilliant art tutor and has decided to share her knowledge and experience of art techniques and materials with students around the world.

I was always top in art at school but stupidly never followed it up so it has been great for me to have these lessons while I filmed! The lessons are free so anyone, anywhere can benefit from them on .


Spring Weddings

This year's glorious spring and Royal Wedding/Kate Middleton fever has given me lots of beautiful weddings and lovely couples to film so not much time for keeping the BW blog up to date, but here goes!

Victoria & Joe were married at the historic and romantic Notley Abbey. The sun shone all day as it did for all my spring weddings. My pal and top photographer Neale James did the honours.

Holly & Henry married at Wycombe Abbey School where I had filmed her sister Kirsten five years ago. They had a vintage car ride around the grounds which was good fun, apart from me risking my life clinging to the running board for a shot as you see. I didn't realise vintage cars could go so fast! It was so nice to see Kirsten's young family with little George and Amelia almost stealing the show.

Claire & Ben married at The Grand Hotel, Eastbourne. It was my second wedding at this very grand Victorian venue and a chance to meet up with another pal, local photographer Peter Prior.

Faye & Gok married at the Prince Regent Hotel, Chigwell. Many thanks to amiable photographer Joe D Miles who recommended me for this very colourful and lively day. I stayed all evening to cover Turkish traditional dancing including disco, the pot dance, a belly dancer (wow) and pinning the money. Unfortunately they hadn't heard of that old English traditional dance of "pinning the money on the videographer".

Tracey & Raymond's reception was at Stirrups Country House Hotel. Evening entertainment was provided by Elvis Shmelvis who is a class act. As you can see he actually looks a bit like him (unlike many impersonators) and he has a great voice to match.