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BW is First to Film Kate Middleton Walking Down the Aisle – True!

Yes it's really true, I've beaten the BBC and SKY to film Kate Middleton "walking down the aisle". Twenty years ago I filmed a wedding where Kate was a bridesmaid together with her sister Pippa and her little brother James was a pageboy. I have lovely shots of them all including "walking down the aisle" - behind the bride that is. I can only tell you that nine year old Kate looked shy and very sweet so it's fascinating to think that I was actually filming the future Queen.

World wide syndication is worth a small fortune according to the red top newspaper which contacted me recently asking my permission to use it. I must give credit to the paper which had been given a guest's copy tape but recognised that I owned the copyright of the video. I must admit my first thoughts involved money, lots of it and the paper chased me daily for my permission to use the video. They kept saying it was harmless and nobody could take offence. Maybe, but to me my copyright means having the sole right to sell copies to family and friends but not broadcasting it worlwide. To me that would break a confidence and reputation that I have taken many years to cultivate.

So I have decided that the master tape is staying in my loft (actually it is now in a far safer place) and I am not going to retire to Monaco. Instead I'll happily carry on filming my weddings, I may add "By Appointment to HM" to my sales blurb and if you see me at a wedding and buy me a drink at the bar I may tell you the full story!

POST ROYAL WEDDING 2011: Well I thought it was a fabulous wedding, a great advert for getting married and booking a professional video! Having seen Kate as a bridesmaid I was amazed to see that the two little ones were dressed exactly the same as she was 20 years ago, complete with the halos of flowers on their heads. Also it was fascinating to see how they had grown up but remained similar characters to how they appeared in my video. Kate was the quietest one, Pippa more outgoing and James was extrovert and full of fun.

Did I have second thoughts about whether I had made the right decision, you bet I did!


Lucy & Michael – Rockingham Castle

If you've read Claire & Gregor's Scottish wedding below you'll know that Michael is Claire's bother, and that Lucy's sister Emma was.....I've lost track again but anyway they are all beautiful weddings.

Lucy and Michael were married in Oakham School Chapel where friendly, multitasking vicar Revd. Alex Aldous not only conducted the service but found time to chauffeur the wedding car! They had a lovely warm spring day with reception at fabulous Rockingham Castle near Market Harborough. The castle has been privately owned by the same family for 450 years and stand magnificently on high ground visible from miles around.

Lucy's father arranged an air display by two suicidal stunt planes. Great for video and it made the most of the "big skies" that the area seems to have.

It was a pleasure to meet and work with local photographer Nigel Ord Smith who was relaxed and professional throughout the day. As usual with photographers we enjoyed a good chat over our meal and look forward to working with each other sometime.

That man Gregor (Lucy's new brother-in-law from the Scottish wedding) was there again. If you read the previous posting you'll know that he was not keen on having a video. Well now that he'd seen my DVD he'd changed his mind and could not thank me enough. I love all that as you know by now! Then Michael paid me a big compliment in his speech telling everyone that "Barry's DVD of Claire & Gregor's wedding had been watched more times than Titanic". I don't often blush.


Claire & Gregor – Aberlady Church & Lennoxlove House, nr Edinburgh

This is a very delayed post, blogging seems to take so much time, but this was a special wedding. OK they are all special but this was my first trip to Edinburgh and I took the opportunity to have an extra day to look around. What a fabulous city it is to visit. This wedding was one of dozens now all starting from one I did about twelve years ago. I was already booked to film Claire's brother Michael's wedding next April to Lucy, the sister of Emma whose wedding I did six years ago whose mother was a friend of.... and so it goes on. I understood that the splendid and very Scottish Gregor was not too keen to be filmed, I like a challenge........

15th century Aberlady Church is in a picturesque setting right on the coast. It goes without saying that bagpipes and kilts were everywhere. The sun shone all day, despite gathering clouds in the west over the city. Being November the light was failing when we arrived at the dramatic Lennoxlove House.

I knew fireworks were planned but the heavens opened in the early evening and torrential rain hammered the marquee. This crowd were not the types to be put off easily. Dozens of white brollies and those silver foil sheets that marathon runners wear were produced. The fireworks went ahead in front of a spectacular crowd of guests glistening white and silver in the floodlights. Great for my video!

Needless to say that Gregor was a natural on film and seemed to enjoy it. At the end of the day he thanked me very much and I was to see him again in April. See my next post!