I'm Barry Weare, experienced full-time wedding videographer. I'm hopeless at golf and can't cook but I can make a great wedding film. That's what ALL my happy newlyweds tell me anyway.

Gary & Karen at The Bingham

With me your wedding gets the big movie treatment, telling the story as it unfolds with natural audio and using music like a film score to set the tone of each scene. I want everyone who watches it to feel the atmosphere and emotion of the day, as though they had just attended the wedding. Relaxed and unobtrusive yet compulsive viewing, to me that's just how a wedding film should be.

Danielle & JonPaul at Wycombe Abbey

I prefer to work on my own keeping a low profile and filming in reportage style so people appear more natural. I work hard to get a good variety of shots and use a second camera for ceremonies and speeches so there is no need for obtrusive multi-camera operator coverage.

People often comment on my films "It looks like there were several cameramen yet we hardly noticed you".

Jonathan and Charlotte's 'Zaffa remix' at The Elvetham

To me filming and editing are inseparable and I spend many hours on post-production so each wedding becomes a labour of love. I use a minimum of special effects and a maximum of beautiful images and sounds to create a seamless viewing experience. Seeing it slowly take shape is perhaps the most rewarding part for me.

"We enjoyed watching the video as much as the day itself" said happy bride Sarah from Marlow.

 Now  please  have  a  good  look  around  the  site  and  hurry  to  book  me  before it's  too  late!

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